What to do once you arrived here in the Ribeira Sacra

Around us - or - what to do
- Not just the Ribeira Sacra -

Ribeira Sacra tourismWalking / Hiking

Examples of walks

Pombeiro - San Cosmede

Arxemil water mils

A house in Galicia - The projectRelax
Hot springs - River beach

How to get to the Termales Outariz

River beach at A Cova

Tours - Sightseeing

Virtual visit Allariz

Las Medulas (Roman gold mining)

River tours - Catamaran Rio Sil

Pages about GaliciaWhats on in Sober ?

Sober concello

Monforte concello

Chantada concello

Lugo concello & aiuntamiento

Ribeira Sacra trainHere are some more ideas

- Verano 2010 - Summer 2010 - Sommer 2010

Just learned - a Zoo is a parques animales / ecologico / zoologico ( a small village called Zoo actually exists near Lugo). There are two nearby the Ribeira Sacra.

One is near Lugo - Marcelle Natureza parque animales
One is in Vigo - Parque zoológico de A Madroa

Galicia zoo

This is just a small selection of what you can do whilst visiting the Ribeira Sacra and staying at the Casa de Flores in Mer Sober.

Feel free to ask or send us requests for specific information.

We will describe the tours ASAP so far they are virtual (slide shows).

There is so much to see and do here it is sometimes very hard to make decissions what to publish first. But we will keep updating.

There are also quite some tips within our BLOG Life in Galicia


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