HOT ! – It is summer in Spain – What do people expect??? Weather warnings ?

Over the last days we have been treated to weather warnings. High temperatures – Maximo calor – etc. Although the concello/ ayuntamiento sometimes try to make out Galicia is somewhere else, the last time I checked it was still in Spain. Summer – Spain – Hot ;  Has anything changed over he last decades? Why do we need to have weather warnings on things that are normal?

It is rather simple if a cat goes from this

Feed me I'm a cat
Feed me - I' the future ruler!



To a state like this in under 1 minute it must be summer and reasonably warm.

Cat nap
Cat nap - Casa de las Flores








As we still have fun and games with the planning on changing – casa de las flores – and meet the new guidelines for casa vacacional or rural casas in the Ribeira Sacra, we simply rent out under the LAU or law regulating renting out apartments and houses which permits occasional renting as well!!

Time well wasted....
Time well wasted......


Cudgel - Ladrones? Tourist office ?
Door opener for tourist office

Occasional well describes the the tourist season here in the Ribeira Sacra. As it is about 10 weeks a year, mainly due to the sheer incompetence and attitude of the tourist organisations – like the Sober tourist office – which was closed ( on a day it was supposed to be open!) when our latest guests tried to get information. Well I’m looking forward to the concello being rationalised and closed as it is rediculous to have a full blown administration for 2500 inhabitants. If the mayor would spend 50% of his time with the locals he would be having coffee with us every month and spend at least 5 Minutes at our house alone ….. haaaaaaa!!

Our latest guests came from Madrid and seemed to be real city slickers as when they left we found a cudgel (ax handle) beside the kitchen door… Door opener for the tourist office ?? Ladrones ??? Neighbours barking dog ???



Shade just shade
Shady side of summer



The „shady construction“ really comes into its own now that we have the hot sunny days of August. As you can see the 30% shading are perfect for the plants within and around the structure. This is build using local 32 mm galvanised pipe and scaffolding corner and connection parts  imported from Germany.


Matching olypic pink
Matching olympic pink ....

See you tomorrow Sunday at the Rastrillo Monforte !!!

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