LifeInGalicia visits America lationo – Pensioners on the move

Yes, we have decided to leave our confort zone here in Galicia to experience South America.

We want to visit as many friends/acquaintances as we have in this region as possible. So you are warned. We may well knock on your door.

The trip will start – if all goes to plan – on the 27th of September at 15:00.

First stage is getting to Lima in Peru.

The plan:

Madrid to Lima - 12h - 9500Km Madrid – Lima 12h 9500Km

27th September @ 15:00 – A taxi to Orense, where we will take the new fast train to Madrid (2:15). 

Here we meet Hector, who after staying as a workaway with us, now lives and works  there.

Tapas, a drink and lots of talk.

Hopefully in time we will proceed to the airport and having the pure luxury of a business ticket, should have a comfortable time untill our flight leaves at just past midnight.

@ Lima airport – 6am local time – a  taxi should await us and whisk us to our rented apartment in the middle of the old town of Lime (Miraflores). 

So far we have booked this for a week, to give us ample time to explore and get accustomed to life in Peru.

From there – well – keep on reading further posts……….

PS. Posts maybe in a mixture of languages – but Google translate should take care of this.

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