Lima Textiles through the centuries

Textile museum

There is a small private pre Inka textile museum – museo amano. – . It is really nice -expensive – not overwhelming and well laid out.

We made it by bus – see below – 

We started to use buses Lima style. Pick a direction – pick a bus – pay -enjoy. G maps tracking helps to understand where one is going, but if you don’t like the area or it gets too far from any recognisable destination, hop off cross the street and get on the next bus in the other direction, The metro buses are on fast lanes and do go from A to B. You buy a card (4,50 sol)  load it and use it. @ 3,50 sol a shot – easy.

Some more images that show the incredible high standard of craft and design.

Lima is full of contrasts, quirks and features. Some only come to light at night.