Kitchen upgrade for verano en rural Galicia

Kitchen upgrade new oven

The chef was wanting a decent oven.

«I can’t properly regulate the temperature and anyway the oven is too small…..»

As I like to eat, who am I to argue?

the gas monster - new oven all gas

We went to local and not so local «tiendas de concina» but even in the catalogues nothing was inspiring. It is slightly complicated by the fact that I refuse to upgrade our overall power supply. Whilst looking at the latest technology even including Smeg and the like one realises they cheat. Cooking is on gas but the ovens are electric.

Finally I found what I was looking for, an all gas large «colonial style» oven. It is from a shop in or near Valencia and the owner has a nice presentation on the net and only a few but well selected ovens. Knowing the adversity of the Spanish when it comes to buying on the net I was pleasantly surprised when Sergio, the owner, patiently replied to my endless questions, all via e-mail, allowing me to test my Spanish. I rarely recommend sites, but yes please visit – Vitro Kitchen

He made me an offer, I send the money via transfer and within a week a rather large packet on a  pallet arrived.

First BreadIt is a nice spacious semi professional implement, with electronic ignition, well spaced burners on top, and most importantly the oven regulates from 130C – 290C.

As this requires an external bottle I rented a large drill (1,20) as none of my vecinos had one large enough, and drilling from two sides is a bit hit and miss, at least when I measure it up. The guys in Sumistro gallego in Monforte have all such «toy’s».

It’s all connected now, yes it requires electricity for the light, the ignition and the «dog cinema». Sorry «Hundekino» is what I call the rotisseries with a glass front and rotating chickens behind them.

Mosquitera - Mosquito doorsDried goods store

Whilst at it I build a little shelf from reclaimed wood which no houses our dried goods store with a steady inflow from the dryer.

Lidle had mosquito doors and windows on offer and I managed to grab one labeled brown, nevertheless it is nearly black thus fits nicely.

Assembly is as usual with such things not for the faint hearted and the result is a bit flimsy but you get what you pay for, or in this case what you don’t pay.

As this summer there is so much to do here in the Ribeira Sacra that I may not get to write a lot of blog entries. To give you a taste or some inspiration there is a complete new page available.

Summer in the Ribeira Sacra in rural Galicia


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