Night raid – The greenhouse under attack – Plants destroyed

Green house looks normal on first glanceThis morning I was suddenly confronted with a totally distraught wife.
« All gone – All my hard work – for nothing – something has raided the green house »

I forgot even to don my raincoat and rushed with Barbara to the green house.

Coming through the door it seemed to look normal, lots of small green plants trying to brave the weather with the help of lots of fleece and some heating.

Plants goneBUT here on closer inspection, what looks like newly seeded pots, where actually small plants. Acacias (our special kind) grown from seeds an absolute first as normally these are propagated by cuttings. New fuchsia …. and so on. ALL GONE.

Nearby, a carefully constructed shelter gives some clues.A shelter build of the plants So it was not a giant snail rather a mouse or mouse family.

On one hand I can understand that with the inclement weather a nice sheltered and dry(ish) poly tunnel must feel like heaven, on the other hand when this costs you hours / days of labor, wrapping, unwrapping, potting and generally caring and its gone in a night – yes one has all right to be angry, sad a bit fed up with the world.

I will try my utmost to help Barbara over this, as I want the garden in flower this year and |I’m pretty sure the people nearby would love to visit it and hope buy some of the plants we will have for sale.

In other areas the plants are totally oblivious to what is going on and some have simply decided its not raining, no snow, nice and warm, so it must be late spring!

Late spring in the green house

This afternoon, instead of going to the local fiesta, it will be into Sober to buy more traps and than carefully wage war on nibbling beasts.

If you have a moment please leave a comment or drop Barbara an email and encourage her to not give up but raise even more plants so we all have a cheerful spring.


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