The big red bus – Cajamarca I

After I took a spectacular stumble/fall in my rush to get to the taxi and on the bus to Cajamarca. Big reed bus I settled in my seat only to realise that the windows are covered in a pixelated foil. Nice to keep sun out but crap to view the landscape.



We also got our first look at the Andes – whoa…




We found the plaza de armas – always the middle of the historic district and where surrounded by moto taxis. We quickly learned not to fear these but use them and have fun.




Traffic rule do exist, but the interpretation is a very personal matter.






We took a taxi and went to the viewpoint of Cajamarca and had it all for ourselves.

Please check out our video(s) in our channel – Lifeingalicia – which also covers our trip to the ancient / Inka irrigation channels in the surrounding mountains.