About Us

Welcome to our pages, houses, blog, resources and more.

We are a GenGlish pair of expatriates that got bitten by the Galician bug. Resulting in us moving to a nice rural area about 60 miles from the Atlantic and 60 miles from Portugal.
No, Galicia is not in northern Spain. It is rather in the North West. Snuggling in the outer corner on top of Portugal and beside Asturias.

Galicia province

In 2004 we took advantage of a new route by Ryanair and flew into Santiago de Compostella. On the Internet we had booked a small house in a promising area (Fereira / Panton / Monforte).

Well, now we are here! Do I need to say more.

Please explore our Blog – about the renovation project and our integration into Galicia as well as many more pages about the area and helpful resources.

Any observations, omissions, spelling mistakes and the overall rambling are solely our expression of the sheer fun to be here.

We hope you enjoy the site. Come and visit us. We have a nice house / apartment for rent in a very rural area with phantastic sceenery nearby. House rental – click here

Explore our neigborhood and details of the house – Picture gallery Galicia click here

So long


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