Looking forward to “Le Weekend” whilst mulling over this weeks news

Rastrillo Monforte
Rastrillo - This weekend in Monforte



We are loking forward to a nice warm sunny market in Sober on Saturday the 12th of May and subsequently to the rastrillo en Monforte (Parq de Cond) on Sunday the 13th.


It starts at about 11 am and around 1pm culminates into the local dog show  followed by the last minute sales and purchases before everyone heads towards tappas and lunch. Come and join – have anything in your loft? Bring it along and flog it! The afternoon session is now open!



Here is my mix of news over the last days or so.

A no worry job....
No worry job

Undertakers of Galicia have been issued 7% salary increase, over two years, What is not mentioned is if they also agreed to work 7% more. I don’t mind people getting paid a decent wage, but in the crisis being in a job environment that is far from dying out or seeing cuts makes such a decission now incredulously short sighted , specifically as fly-tipping is already on the increase. Article is here en La Voz de Galicia.



But than we do live longer, but not necessarily more secure. Whilst break ins and mugging is on the rise here in Galicia, the US have successful tested their latest missile shield and brought down a missile with a missile. This they are willing to extend tou “our Europen allies”. So goodbye threads from north Korea and the alike –  hello local muggers.  Article BBC US interceptor test.

driver less car
Less people - No driver

Coincidence? Ferrari was embarrased by a local Chinese emplyee who tested the weelspin of the latest Ferrari on a bit of ancient Chinese wall without people, whilst Google now has permission to test driver-less cars in Vegas amongst real people. Google is driver less


Therefore it does not surprise that the Amerikans will build a “ghost town” but with the latest gadets and technologies such as renewable energies and terrorism security systems.
Also they will test self flushing toilets a spoksman proudly anounced. Well if no one is there – what’s there to flush????

So we all have our moments BUT do not forget this weekend – Markets!!!!