Saturday night fever – In Sober it’s on Friday – Bailar la luna

Whilst working renovating yet another bodega Carmen, our neighbor, stopped by and said are you going to the bailar la luna tonight? …. Well, OK, so it expires once a year there is a dance competition in Sober where the “Banda de Sober” plays and couple get numbers and dance. There is a jury and there are prices. Oh yes, its all in open air and theoretically starts at 10pm!

placa de bailar SoberIn Sober we have this little sort of amphitheatre. I never took much notice of it, as during normal days it’s just there. When we arrived at 10pm this little plaza was filling with people sitting on the stone benches, on the wall or leaning aginst them. A real orchestra the “Banda de Sober” was assembled and went through the usual discordant motions before some serious music is produced. It was to be a magical evening. The temperature was just right and around us in the distance one could see the flicker of thunderstorms whilst in the plaza not a wisp of wind was to be felt.

banda de sober This soon changed when the conductor raised his arms and not only commanded respect but real Latin rhythms……

latin rythem  here we goThe people here like to dance and the music soon had them on their feet. maria applies the numbersSometimes it took a bit or persuasion but there was no escape they all had numbers on their back.  

It is a huge difference to the fiestas where an orchestra van pulls up and an amplified band performs. This was closer to a village family affair. As we are “non dancers” we had to endure a bit of jesting but it was all good natured and fun.

After a quick interlude, giving the banda de Sober a chance to wet their whistles in the nearby bar and the dancer a chance to catch their breath but more likely indulge in a bit of more neighborly banter, further performance of the dancers where called for and supported by the music of the band.

a winning pairThere where various prices and to our delight the parents of our friends where about the lucky ones.

As said earlier it was one of these magical nights, good music, friendly people, simply resulting in a nice night out.

It’s funny how the perspective of a structure can change as from now on every time I walk past the little plaza I will be reminded of this night and probably in my minds eye see it differently form a casual observer or passer by.

Its great to live in Galicia.