Vendimia or the story of the farting barrels

vine flower april This changes into this grapes

When our neighbours asked what are you going to do with the grapes and I vaguely answered don’t know yet maybe selling they simply decided – ”rubbish he’s going to make his own wine”.

vats appearSo one day, about two weeks ago, a vat appeared in our yard accompanied by Muncho who gave stern instructions to water it so the wood would tighten up. Minutes later, Pepe, from next door, rolled in a vat with exactly the same instructions.

Now being “vat rolled” we scratched our heads and thought OK but where do we put these vats?

Who, if it turns out to be drinkable, who is likely to consume it? Me! So it had to be in my bodega. It was rather full. Potatoes sleep there alongside a ton of pellets and various building materials, not to speak of the furniture still awaiting use. After a bit of ingenious re-stacking it is still full but now houses two vats as well.

Pepe seeing our efforts to generate a suitable space came round and instructed me on how to build stands. And as the vats had absorbed enough water and seemed to be tight Pepe and myself installed them in their final resting place.

Next day it rained and we received word that the grapes should dry first so we moved the picking to two days later.

A super day approached. A slight fog in the early morning but the orange sun lapped it up fast and turned yellow and powered the day up to a nice warm 25C.

As we had looked at the vats sitting in the bodega and their gaping holes eagerly awaiting grapes than looked at our vines, we realised that not only did we have a lot of grapes we would have to pick them ALL.

It’s nice to have friends that are easily sidetracked and have no problem in dropping in and lending a hand.

pickingpickingfriends lend a helping hand

So having picked about 800Kg’s both red and white we decided it’s time for a break.


Than we all looked at our feet and decided it’s Barbara and a freshly scrubbed pair of wellies.


out come the welliesput your wellie in

 Whilst B was walking on the spot (she claims it’s like walking uphill for miles) the trampled grapes where transferred to the vats. An I can proudly tell that within two days the vats started “farting” – expelling CO2. On the 11th of November we will reveal the secret location of the vats and will also have a reason to celebrate “St Martin£ with hopefully drinkable fresh wine and “onion cake / Zwiebelkuchen”.

We enjoyed the last rays of the day with a glass of last years wine – Yes, done by a professional nearby and very drinkable.


So long