Time of Matanza – Salon preview

MetanzaBuilding work and general maintenance has kept me from writing. The latest excuse is the time of Matanza. All around us pigs are being killed and slaughtered. Whatever ones stance is on this, we have moved here and who are we to interfere with age old customs. It’s not for the squeamish but to see the difference of animals and their meat having been raised naturally rather than on commercial feed is an eyeopener.

The “freba” served during or just after slaughtering is out of this world.
Every bit has its uses not to forget that there are also the hunting dogs to feed.

It is a communal affair and simply everyone chips in. Cutting up the carcases, preparing the hams, cleaning tripe to be stuffed becoming the ever present “Chorizo”, the list is endless.

It is best to not plan anything for the next day, as the usual evening (night) meal afterwards can become a length’s and very wet affair.

Last year we struggled to get the house into  reasonable state to entertain lots of friends for x-mas. This year it’s slightly more relaxed (but not much) as we just want to have the future salon in a state to celebrate x-mas.

salon preview Here is a sneak preview.

The list is still long: connect electrics, lay the final floor, seal the relayed cobbled entrance, etc etc…

But there is also next year and x-mas celebrations have to make do with a reasonable finished room.

So hope to have more time soon…