Functionarios get a shorter nap and a legal flower quiz

Functionarios get ther nap shortened or...According to recent articles los 11.000 funcionarios (civil servants) of the administration of the Xunta de Galicia will strive to support the crisis by simply working 90 minutes less during July and August.

First of all – working ??? – Second how insensitive can a government become when there are 50% juvenile unemployment, everyone speaks of the crisis but the well air conditioned civil servants will have to work less hours.

You don’t belive it – here is the link to the full article –  Unos 11.000 funcionarios y altos cargos trabajarán 90 minutos menos al día

It leaves one speachless, discussing this with local they just shrug their shoulder …. lod funcionarios….. a meaningful look and we switch to much more important issues like the weather which is similarly unchangeble.


As you hopefully know by now we have an open garden and plant sale this weekend.

And here is a gardening quiz. Which one is not a rose? Just click and you get the answer.

Have a great time and to see more like below come and see us and the garden on Saturday or Sunday.

Rose or not a rose
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Am I a rose?
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