Los Reyes Magos – Another fiesta – End of christmas

tres reyesWell here in Spain the evening / night of the 5/6th January heralds the arrival of the three kings. This is the real christmas and the high point in most spanish speaking countries. See Wikipedia for full details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_Magi

In Monforte the three kings take advantage of RENFE (Spanish rail) and arrive by train rather than on the back of camels.

A procession will form up at the station and wind its way through the city. It’s also the day of major presents and, yes, another opportunity to have the next day off. So don’t try to go shopping on the 6th of January.

Concidering that around 1600 in the than Castilla and Aragon about 100+ days where celebrated it has been reduced somewhat but still local Saints days can easily catch you out. So when here check!.

As it is custom in Germany we are taking down the x-mas decoration and it will take some days untill we are used to the more “bland” appearance.

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