Iron or whip – Good question for a German in Galicia

As written before it always easy to omit the obvious, like shortening working hours during the crisis.

Rajoy vers MerkelAt present admitting to being “Nacio de aleman” immediately brings up Merkel and her schoolmaster ship.
According to an article in La Voz, this cover has been censored at Facebook.
It just says ” … iron or whip …” which is  a lean on a German proverb “Zuckerbrot und Peitsche” (Shortbread and whip).

So I’m at great pains to try and explain the “Mittelstand” medium class business which in English and in Spanish runs under PYME (pequeno y medio…) but in Germany plays a large and balancing role.

I find it hilarious as the answer is a classic government answer … depends…. (from where the wind blows…..)

Galicia where the grass grows tall

The president of tourism in Galicia has been reprimanded as he seem to not get his act together, mainly consisting on pulling dis-separate organisations together and stream line the whole thing to the tune of just 26Mil €uros and in the process maybe attract some more tourist. Coruna airport -26% passengers by the way.

At least the grass grows tall here in Galicia now that we had some rain.

The temperatures at present are nothing to write about, so I dont.

Rather small garden in the crisi

The present economic situation here in Spain may also affect gardening and here is a nice idea of how to scale back without compromising on variety.






Kitting out to dig for gold

Using our new highly efficient car we went on an outing to explore an opportunity.


Barbara getting kitted out to dig for GOLD!!!

tunneling deep

Unfortunately for us and Spain the Romans already did a great job (read ROB) and our little efforts pale into insignificance compared to their undertakings @ las Medulas.
Click on the picture to see it in full view.

Las medulas Roman gold mine
The Roman job (ROB)

Now where is this JCB that I have been promised?????