Summer is …. Catnap – shy sunflower – frogs life –

Shy sun flower
Shy sunflower

Summer is ….



… the first still slightly shy sunflower unfolds.





Frogs file
Frog's life






…. when the frog sits out on his / her terrace and enjoys the sun……




Catnap - Siesta





… when the catnap is replaced by a serious siesta…….



…. and when one starts to hum this 1970’s song – in the summertime…..




Today one of the bar owners came past our stand in Sober market and said “…. you can come and see the game (football) at my bar … no worries even if Spain plays Germany…. you don’t have to ask for asylum somewhere else….” I just love it here, even when the mayor thinks that seals for manhole covers (sewers) don’t exist. I’ll give him an order form next week – they are 4.50€ each……

From my sometimes ridiculously busy office have a great summer.

Watching neighbours making hay
Busy office - click for the view -