First snow – than condition red – survived – just

Well it’s been an eventful week or more. First we woke up to snow fall. Lots of it and some areas of Galicia where drowning in the stuff. We just went out through the fields and caught the hour of sunshine when it all was at it’s best.

When the snow had gone after a couple of days Barabara just potted about, generating lots of new plants in the politunnel / greenhouse.
Whilst working to give our lounge / salon the final touches and finally putting in an internal staircase we heard that north Galicia and neighbouring provinces had gone to condition red – weather wise -.  All school where closed and severe weather was predicted for Friday afternoon. We thought nothing of it.

Well,  it hit Friday night with winds up to 200Km/h and driving rain.

Just imagine – It is dark, the light is flickering, failing for minutes or what seems like minutes and the house shakes under violent gusts.
Keeping hold of the flashlight and each other one just braves it out. At 2am we went out as I heard the greenhouse flapping.  The foil was ripped off and the structure  had given way.  We tied down as much as we could and ventured back inside .

With the crack of dawn we were up and like so often here in Galicia, the weather had changed temporarily and the sun was shining.
We surveyed the damage and rescued as many plants as possible as there was more of the same predicted and this time we took it a bit more serious.

Our neighbours all agreed that this was a one off, as they hadn’t experienced anything like it before or maybe the memeory failed.

Luckily this was the only real damage done. A chimney cap had been blown off right across the garden just hitting some plants and not the car parked nearby. Lots of villages experienced power outages – still ongoing – and the telephone network was a bit shaky.

Saturday night brought the same albeit a bit less wind only gusting up to about 180Km/h.

Well than life goes on and the plants have to survive in temporary shelter until we can reconstruct the tunnel. It will make them tough Galicien that survive everything.

All through this we also did major work in the house to finally get an internal staircase in.

This will be one of my next posts – first we need some sleep.


2 comments on “First snow – than condition red – survived – just

  1. Hi I was in a village just outside of Escaron visiting my father and my house that I am building on those windy nights never experienced anything like it. Just found your blog great to see you are getting on so well Galicia will always be close to my heat and I look forward to living out their with my family some day.

  2. Hi
    yes it’s unusual but today we have’m again – supposed to be only 100-140Km’h.
    Next time you’re close (Escairon) drop in or call and we meet for a coffee / drink.

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