Spain 4: 0 – Arxemil 2.0 A real fiesta in the Ribeira Sacra

Spain 4:0 – bien ! I do not need to ask for asylum in another country but how Germany got served a 0:2 by the looser will forever be discussed rather than solved.

Arxemis / Os Chancis Ribeira Sacra
The old mil rail


Arxemil 2.0 – The fiesta of and for the people!

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This year marked the second coming of the fiesta de molinas Arxemil / Os Chancis.


Mill number 5 / Molino 6
Mil nbr. 6 / Molino 6.

We build our strong hold at mill nbr. 6. Good thing as on Saturday we saw more visits by clouds than people.


Sunday roast
Sunday roast

Sunday started with sunshine and really nice weather. Thonas, a potter from Cobelle, fired up the old version of a BBQ.
Woodsmoke together with strong light and shadows played around and greeted people and customers who passed by.


happy customer
Happy plant / Happy customer


Maybe it is new saying but here it goes – Happy plant makes happy customer!




A place to sit and chat
A place to sit and chat




The fiesta de molinas is very much about meeting with friends and family, having a good time and very important walk the trail to meet old and new acquaintances.

Wetroom - Bar


Wetrooms (bar’s) near both ends of the trail make sure it is not too taxiing.



Food glorious food
Food -Glorious food

Should you find yourself without a pre arranged family or if you just can’t be bothered to prepare food – the red lady and her team will look after you, your family and friends.




Parking - no problem
Parking - No problem



Parking is of no problem. If you can’t find a space just roll one of the cars down into the valley and voila…….



Emely from Tanquian
Emmely from tanquian & Tuta Fruta



Emmely from Tanquian and her Tuta Fruta brand kept people supplied with Eco products

Visit Tanquian Ribeiras Sacras only Eco farm –



Gaita band
Gaita band

When the gaita band turns up – dancing queens are born.



Sorry if you missed it. Obviously mill nbr. 6 was the place to be but not the only one. Thank you to the organisers – perfect- A fiesta as a fiesta should be.

Mill nbr. 6 The place to be
Mill nbr. 6 The place to be