The cat was born when the lion sneezed – Rastrillo en Monforte de Lemos – Ribeira Sacra

Future ruler of the house and grounds
You and what army....


4th Sunday in the month and the morning slowly started at Zapatero and Casa de las flores in Mer.

Firstly the new future ruler of home, castle and gardens gave me a  – “You and what army “- look when I mentioned that I might move her bowl out of harms way.

The picture also fits to a chinise proverb:

“I gave an order to a cat, and the cat gave it to its tail”

The arabs say:

“The cat was created when the lion sneezed”

cats dancing Monforte lemos rastrillo
cats dancing Monforte Lemos

Arriving at the rastrillo – Park des condes in Monforte – The cats not the mice danced on the table

In due time everything was set up and the early relaxed insider trading could start.

I missed todays dog show which I have been told was dominated by three möpse (I think its pug in english and dogillos en espanol)

Rastrillo Monforte de Lemos
Rastrillo Monforte de Lemos
People of Monforte get up
Finally - Monforte wakes up

People of Monforte party late so they rise late, but eventually they do wake up.

It took  along time but now Rastrillo Monforte is a well established event.

Don’t forget second Sunday and during summer forth Sunday in the month.

Weaving a cats palace
Weaving a cats palace



I had challenged Deorah to create a cat basket . A future ruler needs a proper place (palace) to dispense wisdom, etc.

According to the always infallable Internet there is a German proverb which suggest cats don’t really need to work :

“The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them”

Cats palace

Cats palace

Don’t try that look ! If you don’t like it I’m sure the mice wont mind !

Oh and cats are the sleepiest of all mammals. They spend 16 hours of each day sleeping.

Mmhhh maybe a close match to  “functionarios”.  8 hours sleep at home and 8 hours in the office, disrupted by lunch and coffee breaks and other important “meetings”…….

No, I do not dislike them, just when you deal with an office full of them and the only one who can actually sign a paper, is on holiday, you can be forgiven to become a bit irate…..


Now remember if you live here or if you intend to, this is the last week you can actually achieve something. 1st of August and Spain is on holiday for a month.

I leave you with some more pics from the Rastrillo in Monforte de Lemos.

Tuta Fruta Tanquian @ Rastrillo
Tuta Fruta @ Rastrillo


Rastrillo Monforte Lemos
Rastrillo Monforte de Lemos


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