Jardines de Allariz – A fiery welcome back & Clean Spain?

Jardines in Allariz
Allariz festival Jardines


The town of Allariz is always worth a visit.

The restored old town with its litle shops, or the waterfront along the small river.

For the third year running Allariz also hosts the “Chelsea for Galicia” .

Oval garden
Oval garden

If you are not into gardening you may not know but the Chealsea flower show is one of the biggest events in the UK gardening calendar.


H2O a water garden
H2O Water garden



Along parts of the water front every year they have designers create garden designs.


Some of it maybe over the top or not to your liking, but the ideas and the beautiful execution in the settings is what counts and should capture ones interest.

Ballroom dancing anyone
Lady in red.......




Lady in red – Here is Chris de Burgh’s lady in red

Quirky ideas and more
Quirky ideas and more


If you look closely you may pick up the odd quirky idea.


– What a great use of an umbrella – if its not raining…..




It was a bit shocking when we went home and where greeted by a fiery welcome.

Fire nearby
Fire nearby

We thought it may just be where we live, but turned out to be a couple of kilometers further in the direction of Gundivos.

Here is  alink to the article in the Voz de Galicia – Incendido near Gundivos

This also contains a short video.


If you click and look on the large pictures you get an idea of how large the fire actually was. It consumed just over 20 hectars.

I can tell you even from a save distance it is quite frightening to see the conifers virtually blow up and belch black smoke.

Fire planes
Fire planes show up

It took 6 helicopters an dlater on the fire planes to get it under control and finally get it out.

It is incredible that one follows a car and the guy in front just flicks his cigarette out of the window……

The result is often a lot of scorched countryside.


Well now its preparations for Rastrillo Monforte which during August is every week on Sunday!

Don’t miss it


Clean Spain??

Allariz jardines

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