Woodworm treatment further delays regular Blog, sorry

Just when things start to settle in. Warm shower, heated kitchen, suitable beds and semi central heating by large wood burner there is  a further delay to regular blogs.

I’ve completely forgotten that the woodworm lady wants to come in and spray the cellars (bodegas). This is due to the fact that we had to clear them, hover off all the cobwebs and shovel out about half a ton of earth.

Now she has threatened to come Tuesday or Wednesday to spray the lot.

This will induce fumes not only lethal to woodworms but also slightly unhealthy for general population. So we will flee to another country just to make sure the fumes don’t follow.

Two days shopping in Portugal, well it is next door, and a stay in a fully central heated hotel will be a small price to pay.

Normally when Barbara drives I happily sit in the passenger seat with my Laptop and hack away. But as this is all new territory I may still have the Laptop but I very much doubt I will be able to type anything useful.

So sorry there is a small but further delay to regular updates.

Stay tuned it can only get better.


PS Update 2009 – It worked, still no problems after 2 years – After the treatment it’s advisable to have all windows and doors open for some more days.

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