Telefonica – 6MB but one has to ask….

Telefonica, well love’m or hate’m depends largly on your experience.

The latest:

If you are one of those who actually can get broadband and may have done so in the past you’ll be delighted to know that now the DUA (or Trio) deal encompasses a 6MB link.

You may expect Telefonicas ADSL or “customer service” team to phone you and tell you about this. Ohhhh noooo!

Another “con” highlighted by some Telefonica users prompted me to trawl through their site, to check if I’m getting value for money.
There it is the usual offer 3 month cheap ,than full whack 40,90 Euro for DUO 6MB and all national calls.

So I phoned 1004 and selected castilian (Galego still a bit beyond me) and, when asked by the automated system why I bother to call them, used my best Spanish accent to say ADSLe.

After a series of clicks and phases of being subjected to advanced caterwauling (music?) I got a very nice lady.

She seemd to have all my details in front of her because when I said its about DUA ADSL and it’s now at 6MB could I please have this, she said ah you’re on 3MB at 40,90 and yes, why not.

Humor, here is something I still haven’t fathomed. When I confirmed that I have my own functioning router rather than one from telefonica it did not elict a laugh….

After further furious keystrokes she confirmed that the switch will be updated within 72 hours and I would get my 6MB.

Do I want digital TV at a 5er? No – thank you. Do I want a mobile phone? No – thank you. OK so in 72 hours thou shall have 6Mb!

Great, If one doesn’t ask here in Spain one won’t get!


Oh – The other “scam”

Check your bill, you may find 3 Euro emergency service on it. It’s something they invented. When one asks, yes, its to insure your telefoneline is reconnected in 12 hours should it fail. OK, so how long does it take normally? Oh about 8-12 hours . OK, so I don’t want this can you take it off and not bill it in the future? Oh, yes since you asked we’ll take last month off and won’t bill for it in the future.

There you go – Learn to complain – or you pay!



PS We happen to have the number of the local guy who looks after the switch – It’s faster than 1004!


e have access to the local guy who looks after the exchange just in case.