Ribeira Sacra – The dark side – Electricity to be more expensive

Ribera Sacra dark side
The dark side – Ribeira Sacra
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Nasa has a night view of the world. If one clicks to zoom in onto Spain and focuses on Galicia, we see that the coast is burning the midnight oil. Interestingly, bankrupt Portugal is sinking in a blaze. Apart from the light spots of Ourense, Lugo, Ponferrada and very faint Monforte the Ribeira Sacra is bathed in soothing dark.

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Today’s Voz de Galicia reveals that the government intends to start indirectly taxing electricity, by using the umbrella of excessive usage penalty. See this article by Voz De Galicia

No panic, if you are on the social (3Kw) tariff, it wont affect you – yet. But if you use electricity inline with “developed” European nations, like UK and Germany, expect to be penalised for doing so (375Kw/h monthly per 2 person household).

So far using more than 190Kw/h a month and the penalties kick in with 0,1cent per Kw/h for the first Kw/h’s above and up to 1,1 cent for usage above 330Kw/h monthly.

Photovoltaik Mer Sober Ribeira sacra
Photovoltaic in Mer – Simple and efficient

Here in Mer we have been using “Autoconsumo” for a while now .

Simply put, you can produce and use electricity up to the capacity of your connection to the grid without further permission if it adhears to some surprisingly clear defined standards.

So far we are producing up to 750Watt’s on a sunny day and about 200 Watts on a grey day. This we easily (auto)consume directly. Our average bill has dropped from over 400 Kw/h to about 330Kw/h monthly and thus nicely offset any price increases. Any excess that we may introduce into the grid is a present to FENOSA. Next week or so anther 1Kw will go online, which will drop us below any penalty points. Developing some fancy electronics, that will use any excess loads to heat the house(s) or heat water. Sorry –  the times of presents to FENOSA will be a thing of the past.

If you are interested in the whole concept, you are welcome to talk to us. Investment is around 2,00 –  2,20€ per Watt installed. So today 460Watt installed will cost about 1000€ and produce / save 50Kw/h monthly or 105€’s a year = payback of 10 years. BUT electricity prices have risen 65% in the last 6 years !!.

Shooting stars
Shooting stars – Estrellas fugaces


Yes, we still need more rain, although I would love to see the Geminid shooting stars.

Aparently they are at their hight these days. Here is a video explaining it all Geminid shooting stars



Well – back to renovating the Rural House for occasional rent