A Galician christmas story – 2013 – Un cuento de Navidad de Galicia

The new mayor of a small Gallician concelo (Ribeira Sacra) was asked by the villagers if he thought this years winter would be very long and hard.

Galician weather forecast
50 50 Chance
Galician tribe of Galleci Luceses

Due to the modern Galician weather forecast, the people of  the Ribeira Sacra have lost touch with the signs from the natural world, which where still known by the acestorial Galleci Lucenses tribes.



Decendants of Gallecia Lucenses
Cudgel to Umbrella

This is not a problem, as the descendants of the Galleci Lucenses have switched from a cudgel to an umbrella anyway.


So the mayor decided to ring the national weather service (AEMET).


“Yes, there is a 50% chance it is going to be a cold winter”, the metrological office told the mayor.


Wood felling in the ribeira Sacra
Trees for a cold winter

This resulted in the tribes of the Ribeira Sacra to start felling trees, transporting and stacking wood.


rather large tree

At around Halloween, the mayor phoned again and asked “Is it still going to be a cold winter?”.  A resounding – “YES!” – was the answer.

Moore trees where felled and accidents involving huge lorries carrying trees where more common than ever.



Before and afterJust before xmas the mayor called again and was told – “Yes, it will the coldest winter on record”.

When he asked how they could be sure they said,

“Well, in the Ribeira Sacra people are felling and gathering enormous amounts of wood. The satellite is showing forests disappearing, wood piles growing and accidents with wood lorries are now common there”.


A merry Christmas to all readers – Have a cosy and warm season…..