Chocolate boring beetle discovered in Galicia- Cat score 2:2 – Happy new year

King of Mer abaixo
Meet the king of Mer abaixo (Lower Mer).

From a cuddly handful it has developed to a still cuddly but heavy armful.

Cat score
Cat score 2:2

He, is not just winging and attention seeking, he is also becoming a useful hunter. Present score is 2:2 trap vers. cat.
It is a bit like Garfield the cartoon or film. He is quite clever, sleeps in our or neighbours stable, so is in complete control of our movements.


As we dont get up early first breakfast is at our neighbour Carmen. Then laying in wait of any movement in our house and miauing for second breakfast.

And so on………… Resistance is futile……


Chocolate beetle discovered
We started seeing little dips / holes in the chocolate cover of our cookies.

Chocolate boring beetle



So we watched out and yes! –  there it is – the first ever observed chocolate boring beetle (CBB).

Another first for Galicia, remember you heard it here first!!

As we have now eaten all the cookies and chocolate, the only available precaution, we will look out for more and keep you posted on new sightings and more details about the secret life of the CBB.

After we survived the mayan end of calender we deserved a treat or two or three…..

Renovating Casa de las Flores
Renovating Casa de las Flores


View to the Ribeira Sacra
The view

The quite renovation of Casa de las Flores is going ahead.

The new windows are in and future guests can shutter out the world or relax in the living room and contemplate the beautiful pastures of the Ribeira Sacra.


So all that is left is to wish all our readers a very happy new year!!