A slow foggy day in the Ribeira Sacra – Grumblings from Mer

Icy foggy morning

Happy new year to you all !! May the Tres Reyes visit you










Waking up to muffled noises, the odd crahh… crahh.. . Than the moment the eyes carefully open to embrace the new day  – nothing – !

White out or to be more precise – frost on the ground and fog in the air. It feels like inside one of these white painted greenhouses. A bit later, whilst slurping the first coffee, the sun lets the nearby trees appear and disappear like ghosts. What a great excuse to remain in bed and read the on-line newspapers.

P & C – To the point

I love the caricatures of Pinto & Chinto in the Voz de Galicia.

They are always to the point and lift the gloominess of the overall reporting.

Interesting projection

Is anyone interested in the fact that in Galicia we now have the ratio of one pensioner to one income earner?

Workers are even fewer as half of the working population are “funcionarios”.

NEC wine loving robot Click it

Reading through the hundreds of pages of the report about sustainability and development of Lugo-Sur you come across fascinating statistics like this one.

Drawing a projection there will be no-one around  in 2050 or so.  Now, knowing this lesser but obvious fact, it is completely understandable that the local adegas (bodegas) in the Ribeira Sacra are desperate to mechanise wine growing, according to an article in the Voz today.

Coincidentally, in 2008 NEC  developed a wine tasting robot – yes really –  all that is needed now is the founding of RAA (Robotic Alcoholics Anonymous) .

Imagine tourism in 2050 – when, upon arriving in the Ribeira Sacra, a teetotaller robotic guide laments about the hardship of fellow robots working the steep hills and his wine slurping friend explains  – after examining your credit score – which wine maybe suitable ……


We just love the here and now. Living in Mer in the Ribeira Sacra where we have real neighbors and old customs are upheld.


Every year before or around the “Tres Reyes” the equivalent of the “Sternsinger / Carolers” arrive in our little aldea and entertain us.

At least here in Mer we have real people, children and a great neighbourhood.

May 2013 turn out to be another happy year for all of us –

Iportant dates:

12/13 Januaray – St Amaro Fiesta in Proendos !

Do not miss this 

19 January – Castro Caldelas fiesta de San Sebastian y os fachos

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