Secrets of the Ribeira Sacra – Secretos de la Ribeira Sacra – Rio Mau

It is like so much here, if you don’t know about it you’ll unlikely to find or experience it.
Galicia, not only in crisis but also further disadvantaged by insisting on using a language that few tourists and foreigners speak has a great habit of keeping secret escapes secret.

The skywalk (Pasarela) near Parado do Sil, in the Ribeira Sacra, is just one of a multitude of examples.

This time I took a camera and with final instructions of our friends in Cristosende – at the Casa Grande go right – We hit the entrance first time.

Skywalk / Pasarela – Ribeira Sacra – Rio Mau – Parado do Sil –

If you would like to walk this. It is on the Ourense side of the rio sil. Either head for Teixeira and than Cristosende from there at the casa grande right direction Barxicova and you will see the sign after about 3Km. Or from Parado do Sil direction Barxicova, pass Barxicova and after 1 Km find the sign.


This is the Google Map and when you click you get to the full map.

If you arrive here you made it to the start. You can either park ordrive down to the fabrica de luz and park there.







View from Parado do Sil – Click for a full screen

It is a very enjoyable walk. Yes there are some stairs but than it’s good for you heart.



View near Parado do Sil – Ribeira Sacra

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  1. You must have had very enjoyable walk.

    You are right. Galicia has little nooks and crannies that make you wonder what the whole country must have looked like before it was spoiled.

    Use of the Galician language is a question of defending one’s identity. No self-respecting country tolerates the imposition of another country’s language.

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