Electricity, mice and other bug(bears) – Electricidad, ratones y pesadillas – Ribeira sacra

Natural growth of sockets


Some of our visitors commented on that I must be a fairly good electrician, because the better you are in your job the worse is the home install.


..which wire???
..which wire was it???

What can I say, it is certainly safer and less tangled, whereas this bloke faces a slight nightmare.Yes this is Delhi India, but if you look careful some installs in Galicia are not far off.




Did you ever have the feeling it would have been better to keep your head down and avoid raising awareness of management or government?

Well this mouse must have said something to get the undivided attention and wreath of our feline friend.


Squeaked , tweeted, bloged or facebooked????

No, it is not a remote controlled mouse, it is a real one. I wish the stripy menace would pay as much attention to the mice in the garden as he does to the one daring to cross his beach / path.

The americans do have an answer to this.  Check your garden for mole hills and voles eating the roots – than watch this video…

I want one too!!! Ribeira Sacra or not.

Please – if you happen to need some flowers, plants, herbs or late tomatoes etc. – DON’T Forget

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