Summer is here – more or less | El verano está aquí – más o menos

The green drinking bowl

You know it is finally summer when….


When the cat complains about the greenery in its drinking bowl.

When 5 year old’s are accused of driving dangerous goods without a license. STORY HERE

cat car


When your cat starts the car to have air conditioning.



When the mice and blackbirds are faster than you are and no more strawberries are left.

vine flowers








When you have to cover your drink while you are sitting under the vines – The little flower petals go everywhere…..






I know  its summer when the watering can becomes a permanent fixture of my wife.





By the way this weekend 6th and 7th of July – we are at the mulinas in Arxemil ( Ribeira Sacra )!!

Its the 3rd time this local fiesta is held and its well worth a visit.

There is a small stream – yes with water trickling along – nice shade from trees, the old mils to inspect, lots of people eating out and a good collection of arts and crafts.

No worries 35C is not a problem @ the mulinas de Arxemil


Come and visit us! Whatever you do enjoy the weekend.