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A 500 € note is that big
A 500 € note is that big

Even during high summer it is interesting how fast disliked stories disapear from the news here in Spain. Opening the online portal of the laVozdeGalicia one was confronted with yet another story of bribery which subsequently disapeared.

A little something for you....
A little something for you….

Bárcenas afirma que dio 95.000 euros en negro a Rajoy y a Cospedal

Rajoy was elected by a vast majority and now rules regardless…….



I had one of those - once...
I had one of those – once…


Near us, in caves in the province Lugo, they found the oldest tooth in Galicia. It is  estimated to be 15.000+ years old.


I’m pretty sure my dentist in Fereira has lots of them, as in Panton we have the oldest population in Spain.






Now this year I’m one step further to the dream of my own olive oil.



Yes, the ungainly youngish shrub that refuses to die has flowers !!!!



Olive flowers





Does anyone have a used olive press?



Visiting the feria in Boveda / Rubian Barbara could not resist to buy bunch of forged nails.


I’m not sure if the Spanish will understand the phrase  – nailing it –  “clavarlo” as their equivalent of

… is like nailing jelly to a wall..  is   …más difícil que ponerle biquini a una sirena……

A sirena is a mermaid. I leave you too it.



Happy summer