Have you smiled – Toll on Photons – Ha sonreído – Peaje de Fotones –

2013-julio-space-2I hope you smiled last Monday at about 8:45pm local time – Cassini – the NASA satellite / probe, which is circling Saturn, took a new picture of the space including Earth.

Now with the ability of advanced facial recognition any government could determine if you where outside at that time and if you smiled could pass on a “happiness tax”.


2013-julio-space-4This is no laughing matter as the Spanish government is presently considering a tax on sunlight, when converted into electricity by a non electricity company.

El Pais has a nice article about it.

What they want to do is increase the standing charge, lower the actual energy tariff but put an extra charge on if the connection is supported by photovoltaic. So basically it is a subvention of established producers / distributors over renewable new forms of energy and its supply. This could only happen in Spain and maybe in Putin land.

Galicia has its dark spots



If you look at a nice picture from above you see that Galicia has its fair share of dark spots and compared to Portugal one can be under the impression that dark forces are at large in Spain.

Taxable fruit of labor






I have thought about not putting this picture on.

It could well be that veggies not sold by an authorised supermarket have to be declared and taxed accordingly, couldn’t it; at least here in Spain?

Now is the “nice summer”, The heat wave has passed and it is time to start harvesting the “fruit of labor” or what the bugs / mice have left for human consumption.

Peaceful coexistance
Peaceful coexistance



Speaking of mice – here is a perfect example of coexistence – a much talked about topic of late.

Barbara catches the mice – our cat plays with them, than eats them – and – wait for it – than comes to get it’s reward.

Actually you may notice from the picture Barbara get a reward as well, in form of a nice cup of tea.

What a life  ! – Only here in Galicia and the Ribeira Sacra

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