Communion – the last in Mer – bodas next….. | Comunión – el último de Mer – bodas próxima…… – Ribeira Sacra

A week ago we had the last communion in the litle chapel in Mer. No more kids in that age range.

Unfortunately the next up may be bodas …..

Family, friends & neighbours assemble and when was the last time you have seen a queue in front of a church?

The cure was in high form and desperately advertised the lot of vacancies of cures in the catholic church in rural  Galicia.
Ismael. contrary to normal, was on his best behaviour, even thoughtful sometimes, although I saw him yawning and, like a future CEO, looking impatiently at his watch.
After the service it was sweets for everyone – great even grannies were not shy of getting in on the act.
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We relocated to a nearby village and sat down to a prolonged meal – just under 6 hours – .

It was another opportunity to meet all the neighbours, chat and party a bit.

Thank you for inviting  us and make us feel like a part of the community.