Halloween 2013 en Mer – Home of the “Scary Kürbis” en el corazón de la Ribeira Sacra


Halloween 2013 in Meryes it has been some time since I wrote a new blog. So much is happening, threatening legislation to finally shut down Spain, potential taxes on Photovoltaic (tax on sunlight), we now have our license for casa vacacional but the hoteliers are trying to shut down occasional rental of homes and rooms…..

Preparation Cocina

Well we organised this years Halloween – If you can’t have a fiesta its not worth living, at least here in Mer !

Halloween helper It is great to have helpers that do not have to be trained.








Decorating the alpendre




2013-halloween-5Decorating, lighting or changing our humble home into a place of magic where fun is to be had, is always very satisfying.






A well stocked bar helps and thanks to the neighbours there is no shortage of excellent wine and stronger stuff for afters.




Paco & Agnes entertain








It is really nice that our friends Agnes and Paco can make the time to come from the other side of the Sil and entertain our guests with some music. – Thank you –












We may be selected as a potential location for ” Scary Movie 10″ – who knows…..






Judging of the “Scary Kürbis” or Halloween Calebase is never to be taken lightly and from year to year we see more elaborate additions.










Food, wine and good company – anything else?















Nearly forgot – Yes there is –

Conxuro and Queimada !!!!!


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