Winter and xmas is nearing – How do I know ?

Autumn - Pre xmas tree
Autumn – Pre xmas tree


I do know, because we have put up the autumn tree or pre xmas tree.







A first oportunity to “green up” and use some ornaments and colorful ribbons.













Also inside more and more decorations including lights apear.


Whilst we prepare for this years xmas market,  whixh – please take note – will be on the 8th of December

it is rather nice, when it is pitch black outside, to sit near the fire and sip a good glas of wine.


This may lead to some odd home decoration ideas.



I had one of these glass blocks spare and some Fairy lights.

Drilled the glass block (patience and time), put in the fairy light, painted the surround black and voila – perfect for that stone recess.

Watch this space, with less and less daylight I may come up with more and more strange ideas …..



So don’t forget – 8th of December Xmas market in Mer Sober – !!!