Thursday is Lidl day – Or any excuse to go to town – Monforte

One doesn’t really need an excuse to got to town – Monforte that is. There is always the opportunity to have a chat at the builders merchant and pick up another sack of cement. The electricians shop can be checked for new gadgets. The pleasure of buying just two postcards and have them lovingly wrapped up alone is worth the visit.

BUT Thursday is Lidl day. They advertise their weekly “bargains” in advance and tomorrow is………

the garden is rejuvinated

….. Right, tomorrow is gardening week. Flowers, seeds and all things gardening make the perfect excuse to visit and pick up some other goodies like chocolate….. you get the drift.

After a bit of practical shopping therapy, its time for coffees and maybe a trip to the builders merchant. Ramos in Monforte is a great bunch. In between serving customers they find time for a chat and explaining how things are usually done here in Galicia.

Maybe this time I remember to ask for the fire cord so I can stop our wood burner howling like a wolf.

So long