Spring 2014 – The blog awakens /tentatively) – Just in time for the open garden

Ribeira Sacra Weather
The mixture


what a wet winter it was. Never before have we experienced prolonged dull and wet weather like this. But than like all good things even the worst weather streak comes to an end – we hope.

Inbetween we had the 2014 San Jose en Mer – If you missed it – next year is your chance agin.

San Jose 2014 in Mer Sober Ribeira Sacra
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For the full slideshow – Click here to see 2014 Sam Jose en Mer – Pulse aqui para 2014 San Jose en Mer





Spring - what spring ???
Anyone seen SPRING ?


So has anyone seen spring yet? There are only a bit more than two weeks until it is supposed to be in Mer and open to the public.

Yes on 17th of Aprisl – after you all sobered up from the wine festival in Sober – our gardens are open to the public and we expect some artists to be here as well – Come and visit !




Open garden in Mer
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