Halloween – The dark side of Mer in the Ribeira Sacra

Ribeira Sacra Weather

The usual mixture of weather was forecast – just take your pick.

But the preparations in Mer just went ahead. With the help of emergency umbrellas we managed to get through  the welcome drinks.

The surprise menu item PULPO made a friendly face or at least Carmen did, as she kindly supplied and prepared the delicacy –  (did I write that?)

Whilst the feeding frenzy was underway – the kids where the loudest too demand pulpo by the way – and there was some squabbling over “PICA o non PICA” the rain finally eased off just for a while to allow for the preparations to go outside.

After cafe and chupitas we all went outside to watch the fire and be mesmerized by the flames of the QUEIMADA. The conxuro, properly read out in Galego and English should ward off any evil for the year to come.

It was a great evening and we’d like to  thank all neighbors, friends and acquaintances who helped make it a success.

To see the full slideshow CLICK HERE – PULSE AQUI – para mas photos (slide show)

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One comment on “Halloween – The dark side of Mer in the Ribeira Sacra

  1. Congratulations for a modest but friendly Halloween.

    Next year you may wish to surprise your Halloweenites with the translation to English (you may add a German translation of your own) and the explanation of a little-understood Galician poem by Rosalia due Castro which verses on the countryside tradition of Halloween in her day. Simply make a BIG poster with the original poem in Galician (one column) and the English translation (a second column) and perhaps your German translation (third column) and hang it prominently on the wall of the party hall.

    You will find this poem listed as poem number 2 (out of 11) on my website. I have granted all my translations to the public domain so there is no need to ask for further permission to use it.


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