Project “Bauwagen” – Proyecto “Bauwagen” – Casa con ruedas – Shepherds hut

As we had nice helpers from workaway and helpx this year we thought about the arrangements for the next year when we would like to again welcome helpers but also would like to rent out our now fully licnsed holiday house. This we used to “park” the helpers in, but we need to recuperate the exorbitant expenditures to legalize this somehow.

I'm a Bauwagen
I’m a Bauwagen


Project “Bauwagen”was born. In Germany these ubiquitous vehicles are still pretty much standard wherever outside building works are undertaken that are not near a useful shelter. Standard is 3,5 x 2,20 Meters at 2,30 high.

Like this....
Like this….



These are available in used or new condition but transporting one of there 2000Km is slightly daunting or expensive.

Yes a nice trip with a tractor at 25Km would do it in about  5 – 6 days –  but than one either buys a tractor as well, or drives it back (six days sleeping very rough) or put the whole hing on a low loader. It was just not viable.

Whilst taking delivery of steel parts I thought this company in Monforte builds remolques (trailers) as well. So I asked.

Yes, you draw it, give us measurements we can build it.

Framed !!
Framed !!


Explaining that we do not need this “street ready” as it will only be used on private land the offer (presupuesto) became very competitive and allowed us to slightly change the standard measurements to 4 meter length and 2,30 width. This will allow a nice comfortable insulation of 6cm Rockwool and 1 cm of wood, as well as little extras like a small wood burner.

Now here is the base frame, looking good and sturdy, just awaiting sheeting, the overlapping roof, flooring and door and window and so on and so on and so on ……..


The door will be  a normal aluminium door with a nice large glass pane rather than the standard steel thing and there shall be more light thanks to a 100 x 80 window.

The glass was challenging as we want the so called “Invierno / Verano” special which does not transmit warmth  in either direction !!!


Here it shall go...
Here it shall go…






A cubic meter of gravel awaits its move on top and it will be the space (island) for the “Bauwagen”


But now we are preparing for the Feria de navidad en Mer estilo Alemana !!!










Bye for now M