How to start a new year – Gengalic style……

well one way is to have good friends around and even better have friends who can cook.

Glorious Food
Glorious Food




The custom of the 3 reyes singers is still upheld in our parish –



Tres reyes
Tres reyes






After all this exitement and having to go to Germany for a funeral we decided to take the train from Porto to Lisbon, because we could!

Squash the tourist





In Lisbon the main challenge is to not get squashed by one of the very frequent trams.
A quick tip for Lisbon – Go to any Metro station and face off one of the ticket vending machines – Buy a card (verde) 0.50€ and load it with meager 6€ – For this you get 24h unlimited travel on all metro, bus and the famous tram. A single ticket on the tram is 2,85€ (really).


Another tip: Eating – Swiss – Portuguese cooking !!  Bistro Gato Pardo Just perfect


Now that we are back – unflattened – the project Bauwagen will go ahead.

Door & Window





This outer shell should withstand whatever the Galician weather can throw at it – it will be painted of course – if we ever finish the discussions about the exact color that is to be applied……


Insulation, wood paneling and then the sumptuous furniture …….. maybe some electrics and lights ….  oooooch and this little wood burner from Oteiro …. it would look so cute ……

OK, OK, but it is a BAUWAGEN and people are going to live in it …..

This is our start into 2015

PS. GENGALIC   German English Galician ………