2015 San Jose en Mer – La corazon de la Ribeira Sacra en fiesta mode

The aldea has been cleaned. The cows are no longer allowed to walk along the caretera. San Jose may begin !

La aldea ha sido limpiado. Las vacas ya no se les permite caminar a lo largo de la caretera. San Jose puede comenzar!

San Jose
San Jose



When the bells of Mer ring the fiesta starts with the yearly airing of our saint.


La Misa

This year our cura nearly forgot us so he was a bit in a hurry, which was good news as there was a bitterly cold wind blowing.











Seeking shelter on the sunny side of Juan’s house we could enjoy some sun shine and nibbles with suitable liquid to wet our appetite.



The gun slinger
The gunslinger serves / Pistolero o camarero?
Ever hungry kids

















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Party time
Party time










Party time – Lets dance …….. 😆 







Hasta proxima - THE END
Hasta proxima – THE END


All things have to come to an end – UNTIL next time !!!!!

Todas las cosas tienen que acabará – HASTA próxima vez !!!!!