May 8th – Beach day in Mer Ribeira Sacra Galicia

Sorry folks,

last year at this time I was considering returning the fridge as it was warmer inside it than outside.

This year it’s different! Experiencing a warm balmy May. Flowers in abundance and just a day to spend on the beach.

As I have my own one I don’t even need to lose sight of our house.

Beach day in Mer Ribeira Scra Galicia
Beach day in Zapatero / Casa de Flores Mer Galicia
Have a great weekend and may the faster car win in Barcelona (F1)

3 comments on “May 8th – Beach day in Mer Ribeira Sacra Galicia

  1. Nice photo. Hope you enjoy the beach in Mer Ribeira Sacra Galicia. Looking forward for more photos posted.

  2. I just found your blog, great you will tell us about your experiences in Galicia.
    As a half a Galician miself I’m very interested how other people manage to make a new start over there.
    I hope I can move back to Galicia with mine husband an two children in the next years.
    Kind regards
    PS: I hope you don’t mind, but it is Aguardiente (Aquadiente is wrong)

  3. Hi Ana,
    thanks. We love it here. It’s not without challenges but the people here are just great.
    Hope to see you one day.
    PS Yup will see if I can spell Aquardiente when im sober in Sober (hicks….)

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