The tiler is scheduled – Floors next – Ongoing renovation

Room one beforethe old floortransformationlooks good at night as well Well, having tackled the ceilings and doing  a lot of plastering or better “making good” we have started on the floors.

The shop we hire tools from had a little problem as they could, even with three men, not show me how to change the sandpaper on one of the big sanders. Thus I decided to use a smaller one. It is more work but personally I think it leaves a bit of the old patina which makes the floor look more authentic than just a shiny blond wooden floor.

Soon you will be able to come and check for yourself.

We’ll taking a break and will be back in about 2 weeks just before Easter – should be a great time.

Oh, before I forget, yes the tiler will come and start so we may have a second bath room soon.

So long


PS Today we took instructions on how to register a foreign car here. Doesen’t come as a surprise lots of paper and trips to various offices…… story to be told soon.

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