Cuarteto de Saxofonos – Concert in Sober – Summer preparations

Soon it will be summer in MerLast weekend we decided it is time for summer. Clearing the alpendre, the assembly of wood, bits and peaces is always unbelievable when one is suddenly confronted with tidying it all up.

Finding the marquee and fiddling / struggling with the structure eventually resulted in our yard being ready for summer.

We may have to wait a bit, as sun is only predicted for Wednesday onwards, nevertheless on Sunday we tried it in good old English fashion, by having a BBQ undercover, as it was a bit wet outside.

A good crowd - Saxophone quartet concert - Sober Ribeira SacraEvery year Sober is running a range of concerts “Primavera Musica Sober”. It’s a great chance to see and hear outstanding musicians in this remote corner of the world.

This Saturday we had the “Cuarteto de Saxofóns da Coruña”.  Sober hosted the Asamblea Xeral de Juventudes Musicales de España de 2009 so it was a bit more crowded than normal.

Technically the music was excellent. The choosen pices where a bit too “heavy” for my taste but the samba played as an extra made up for it.

Saxophone quartet from A CrunaTo the astonishment of Luis who is heavily involved in pulling it all together “Expatriates” showed up in force. It’s good to send a clear signal that such events are appreciated.

Looking forward to the next one.


To keep up with planned concerts visit Luis blog at  Balcones do Sil