May 27th, thinking of returning the fridge – It is still rather cool here

After a rather warm beginning of April, we bought  a fridge. It is rather nice to have some ice cubes and cold white wine (local).

Nevertheless, Galicia is not showing it’s kindest side – weather wise – to our first “working” visitors.

Cool MayToday, May the 27th, it is still rather cool. At 7 Celsius in the morning I ponder the idea of returning the fridge. Cold white wine? Just put the bottle outside any window or door! Who needs ice cubes? It is warmer inside the fridge than out side.

A chance discussion, when visiting our building supply merchant, revealed that till May 24th one should wear woolly undergarments anyway – just in case.

So is the Galician summer a myth? Well, stay tuned and we will reveal all.

To check our local weather MSN has a good site that is on target for 24-48 hours.

Monforte de Lemos weather