Size matters – Mine is bigger than yours – Official ego

Over the last month – Plan E – to support the failing economy took hold in Galicia and specifically in the deputacion Lugo..
The idea of doing long overdue public works and thus sustain local economy is a laudable one – if it would be done with some thought and concideration.

size matters ego signage of Plan EYou notice the super ego of the Deputacion Lugo by the sheer size of the signs that advocate these works.
Spending 50.000 Euro on long overdue canalisation in our little aldea is a good idea – is it?

The sign advertising this is simply enormous and may well have cost up to 10% of the money available. The foundation is more than any of our houses have. It advertises the intention of spending money for local employment. Well the company undertaking it is from Lalin 60Km away.

The road at the junction to Mer is well used. About 6 tractors and about 10 cars (always the same) pass this daily!

First the little road was sort of resurfaced. A bit sweeping, add asphalt glue and put on some grit. Now you cant see the dips and potholes that are still there. The milk tanker that comes every two days or so still has to use first gear or it will deliver ready made cream.

Xunta signage In contrast, the signs of the Xunta (Galician regional government) are of a decent size and tend not to dwarf the surrounding landscape.

I therefore have to conclude that size matters at least when the ego of officials and their organisation is involved.

Dare I ask if these signs will be taken down once the work is concluded?

Will the signs be recycled or just tossed if taken down?

Sign makers at present must have a roaring business.