Giant tomatoes – The pay back – Siesta in Mer

siesta in Mer Sober Ribeira SacraReluctantly I leave our siesta space. It’s, as you can see, right under vines. Sitting there I dream about the time when I just need to open my mouth and juicy sweet grapes fall down…. well it’s a long up hill struggle to get there, as mildew and a variety of nasties have other ideas.

The present weather, misty in the morning and hot in the afternoon doesn’t help so there will be another round of painting the vines blue (spraying copper sulfate).

this years tomatoesNevertheless our tomatoes are a success. We have been growing these early under plastic in a poly tunnel made out of water pipes and plastic sheeting.

They are not just early, they are of an enormous size and, boy, do they taste good! Pure tomato taste, juicy and sweet….. red heaven.

Our neighbors are amazed and maybe a bit envious….

This is the first opportunity we have to take our “revenge”. It is a great feeling to finally being able to pay back in kind the enormous friendliness of our neighbors.

the red giant

Last year we have been plied with fruits and vegetables of her garden and this year we can at least give back a little and have something to trade.

sliced jucy and sweetShe is very disappointed as these tomatoes seem to be hybrids and have no seeds, but we do remember from whom we picked up the plants in Portugal and for sure will see if we get them again next year. Lot’s of them and share with our neighbors and friends.

Mhhh, whilst writing this my stomach grumbles and I will have to take another break and have some more bread, meat, cheese and tomatoes.

Next time I might tell you about the cheese from Galicia and from Castilla y Leon.