Mornings in Mer – Living in a vine row – Cherry cake

For very good friends we can manage to get up in the middle of the night (5am). Admittedly I do need about two cups of coffee before I can open my eyes wide enough to see anything.

night in GaliciaNot that there is much to see its like the picture to the left. Yes, here in Mer we do have some street lights but if you leave within meters it is just pitch black. Cloud cover allowing you see plenty of stars and if there is a full moon you can actually walk without problems. But yesterday it was just black with some twinkling stars.

Going into Monforte was fun as the streets where deserted except for some leftover disco goers and the first street cleaners.

We picked our friend up from the station, this time we knew the bar man and did not have to pay travellers prices for coffees, belive it or not, there are two prices.Mornings in Mer (Sober Galicia)

Returning to Mer the sky lightened and a bit later the sun peaked through. Its an incredible peaceful view. Even the cows are still half asleep and silently munching.

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Now to living in a vine row.

The vine rowMy neighbour Pepe does look longingly at my vines this year. “You have quite a lot….” is a comment that makes me proud. I’ve only been here for a bit more that two years and in the first year he gave me a crash course in how to cut vines. I think I learned the lesson well.

When I was tending the grapes and vines, taking out shoots and letting in more light and air I also found the clear sigh of other creatures who think its a good idea to be near the future wine.

Bird nest in the vine row

If one looks closely the incredible architecture of this nest becomes apparent. Its not just something cobbled together.

A confortable home
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This is another one that should open a full size view when clicked.

I think the workman ship is stunning. No worries it seems to have served its purpose as there where no birds close by or flying in and out.
Well, living in a vine row is not a bad idea, specifically as it may yet become Albarino white.
It’s not all work and getting up early here in the Ribeira Sacra and in the casas Zapatero and Casa de Flores. Lidel had German week last Thursday, which translates into availability of some typical German products that are fairly unknown elsewhere.
One of these is “Sauerkirschen”. Cherries that are rather tarty but are brilliant for cakes. Black Forrest gateau would be unthinkable without them.
So my dear wife went and, I think, bought the whole delivery allocated for Lidl in Monforte. Sauerkirschkuchen - Sour cherry cake -
Converted into cake these cherries are delicious and make a great treat for any break – One of us usually calls “Cake break” or “Kaffee und Kuchen” and all work seizes immediately and we find a nice spot and have  a break as you can see. No, it’s not the Black Forest cake its a lighter variety but equally jumy. German cake has arrived in the Ribeira Sacra. If you nearby, drop in and you maybe in luck for a slice.
More from life in Galicia soon.