The giant tomato – Fiesta de Rosca – Sober – Galicia

The giant tomato is harvested
Click the giant

Now, after much anticipation, it was time to harvest the giant.

We picked up tomato plants in Portugal and planted these in a poly tunnel.
Works – as you see – great.
The results this year are stunning and these not only look good they taste…mmmh.
2009 Fiesta de Rosca SoberThe gaita band was not here to applaud us on the recent harvest, it is the traditional opening for the “Fiesta de Rosca” in Sober. Every year on the  12thof August this is combined with the normal market and a great day to see and be seen, meet aquaintances and just sit, stand and chat. This is only interrupted by the important intake of Pulpo the Galician national dish.
Pulpo - Galicien national dish
Rosca in the Concello of Sober – there are many recipes – is rather plain, gets its yellow colour from safranand is eaten with a slice of cheese.
Las FallasThis year we had two giant figures – Las Fallas – making the rounds.
Las Fallas – are the floats or giant figures you see at carnival. Fallas are the social clubs that raise the money to organise it all.
Also this week and some more days we have Olga staying with us. She is here for the 5th time and being an accomplished artist she was very much inspired by our sun flowers, the tranquility and simply the stunning landscape of the Ribeira Sacra here in Galicia.
When we went into Monforte to obtain two canvases we did not anticipate how inspired she was.
Galician sun flowers by Olga
If you have the bandwidth I recommend clicking on the picture to see it in full view.
It’s now in our master bed room and later in the year will catch the early morning sun light.
One thing to look forward to as it is now moving on to – dare I mention it – autumn and winter.
We hade  a foretaste last night, by watching Ice age 3 at midnight in the garden with an ambient temperature of 22C.
More from the Ribeira Sacra and Mer soon

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  1. Congratulations on the giant tomato. Not sure what a “poly tunnel” is, but appeared to work great. The painting you acquired is terrific. I bet it looks even better in person.

    — Dan
    Outer Banks Revealed

  2. Thanks – nice site you have….. sounds like an interesting place to live and have fun.
    PS Polytunel – Plastic over pipes ….

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