What a difference some years make – Sober closed for 4 days

The sad look before

In October 2006 we looked at the property we now own and renovate.

Sitting in my office, top right, and looking over the dry landscape to the still green trees and the green mountains in the distance, it is hard to imagine what drove us.

Looking at pictures before and after, I’m not sure if we really imagined what it can be or if we just saw some potential and thought oh what the …. , lets do this at least the roof is not leaking.

worth all the pain 

What a difference some year make!

Yes, it has been hard work and lots of it. But what is most important, little did we imagine just how supportive a village, the concello, neighbors and the Galician people in general can be.It is also a steep learning curve, not only are the real useful words not in a standard dictionary some things are just done differently here.

Here are some highlights:

Tiles maybe tiled without grouting gaps – except if insited upon.
Oven pipes are just engineered the wrong way round – Water easily enters the system.
Deliveries may happen at 10 pm – Ultimate hora – Galiciens work and party hard.
An invitation to dinner in the village may well be for midnight! – Cows are milked and put out to pasture first.
The cocello of Sober has 5.500 Street light but just 2.800 inhabitants (except in August).

Speaking of Sober, we are trying to stay in form and awake to join the Sober fiesta later tonight. At 0:30 a grand cemada (Aquardients, suggar and fire) will be offered.
Sober is more or less closed for the next 4 days. The fiesta ends on Tuesday with a giant paella and everyone is welcome to eat and than have a last dance.

So nothing cohearent can be expected from me for the next 4 days.


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  1. You make me smile with some of your highlights 🙂 ….I hope you enjoy the fiesta in Sober!
    Best regards

  2. Hola gracias.

    Friday was encemada – took me a day to get over it. Today is paella…. we’ll see.
    So long

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