New Discounts – Really??

This is an interesting concept of “Discount”. When shopping recently for a daily used product , we picked the “Discount” as it looked exactly the same as the one we used to buy.

Only be sheer accident did we happen to have an old roll and a new roll side by side.

Ups, well I thought maybe, just maybe the size has changed to accomodate a new production method. Maybe there are more sheets, just more densly rolled.


The new way of DISCOUNT

No, it is simply 10% smaller AND 18% lighter! Whoa, what a genuine bargin this is, and we can fit more of the rolls into the allocated spaces.

This opens up a whole range of thoughts.

  • If we do not reduce our usage by at least 18% we will end up with more inner rolls or grow pots for bean seeds?
  • If our guests now use more of these “rolls” can we negatively discount our room rates?
  • Do we have to change the toilets to match the paper size?
  • A synonym for a discount is “take off” a more reasonable description, don’t you think so?
  • A FB comment refers to this as –
     A common trend which is known as shrinkflation made famous by Toblerone!
  • How about oversized dwarf rolls….. enough of that…..

Spring is here again


Finally the non discounted spring is here again – Lets celebrate ……..